The first week, March 24th to 30th, 2005.

24th to 26th, I am at Sequia Hospital......
  Yikes! Look at the stuff they just put on my eyes!
  Mom! I don't know how you can still smile at the camera after What e've just been through.
  All bundled up & dozed off
  Zzzz... I need a few moments to myself still
  My big brother's sour expression must have come from the lime jello & not from jealousy?
  Visit from grand parents  
  Come closer... you're missing my good side
  Ahhh... grand papa! You've holding me a bit too tight!
  Here we all are!
  Now, dose this thing come with a owner's manuel?
  Do I look a little puffy?   My First Sun (UV) bathing.
  Me and my new best friend...
  A view of Dad's office from the hospital
  Is this the deliver service we used?   Just imagine... I stayed next to this for three days!

  My First Bottle
  Oh Boy! This set up is giving me a headache.
  I'm not looking forward to the long car ride home.
  I guess we're ready to take off.
  Daddy and Mommy, ready to go? I am getting sleepy again.

  Into the van we go
March 26th, I am going to my new home.