The second week, March 31th to Apirl 7th, 2005.

I am Home. Home Sweet Home
  Aqua suits me, don't you think?
  Intorducing my Walliby blanket... That's the blue light in the background.
  Sunbathing again... Pretend that you did not see the hair on my back.
  My big brother has cerntainly mastered posing for the carmera.
  Okay, Jadon... Now you are just stealing my spotlight.
  Picture time...  
  Now, that's good covrage.
  I don't little hand, but Dad's are just huge.
  I'm feeling carmera shy today.
  Dad... Leave me alone.
  An artsy shot, don't you think...   Help! I'm missing a hand.
  Hay, I'm not ever in the shot.
  Visit from my cousins.
  Now that I've got the prefect post, what should I pray for?    Feeling a bit like an Arabian woman.

  Wink, wink, this will just be our little secret.
  Can you believe I slept over this light for 3 days.
  Flowers from the fellowship
  Flowers from Daddy's co-workers